I wanted to go sky diving, but my mother said it would be a loss of potential


I have my last exam of undergrad tomorrow night - the last possible day at the last possible slot. All my friends are done by tonight at the latest. I’ve already passed this course so you can see my issue with motivation here.

My friend and I were play fighting (yeah we’re 10), and i got a deep scratch on my arm. He had Dettol, so I put it on. I can still smell it and it reminds me of India. 

Game 2 Raps vs. Nets

Here’s my take on this game:

Demar DeRozan, you’re great, but can someone please take him off JJ? He’s not big enough to guard him. I would say Demar on Pierce, and Fields on JJ. We need to handle the ball better obv, with like 20 TOs in the game? That’s crazy.

Also, I’m not really sure why we don’t play an inside outside game. They don’t have amazing big men, we can put the ball inside to Amir or JV, and then pass it out when their defense collapses in.

Anyway, even though it was a tough win, I’m grateful for the win :). Looking forward to Game 3 in Brooklyn. 

PS: Wizards soon to upset Chicago, oh dang!


10 Commandments of Typography nevver:

10 Commandments of Typography nevver:

10 Commandments of Typography

More road wins than home in NBA playoffs right now. What is happening? This is gonna be a good playoff season :)

One of my good friends Shawn made a scavenger hunt for people in our class as a goodbye gift and it’s a lot of fun. He hid clues all over campus, and we have to solve it before Thursday. I’m on my 5th clue…. don’t even need to look for distractions during exam time :)

Game of Thrones was perf once again.