I’m the mujahideen, and I’m makin’ a scene, now youse gonna feel what the boom boom means.

Yo where is this from??

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thebeardlylife said: Won’t you have dinner at the party?

Haha, nah. This party was at like 10pm. It was more of a hang out, talk, play games, drink alcohol (orange juice in my case) kind of party… We left about an hour after to go hunt for the Northern Lights which were supposed to make an entrance near Seattle/Vancouver area. Saw a lot of stars, but unfortunately, no aurora :(

I have to head to a birthday party soon, and I’m waiting for my rice to cook so I can have dinner before leaving. Shouldn’t have gone to the gym today. Whatever, it’s okay if I’m late. I’m brown, they’ll understand.

I was coding at work and I found a bug

Breaking in the new TV with Arjit Singh.

Upped the weight for my squats and deadlift yesterday, and I feel the soreness in my bum and hams. It’s the good sore though.

One of my friends having a lonely Friday night.

One of my friends having a lonely Friday night.

Snow Lake hike (at Snow Lake)

Delish smoothie breakfast