More road wins than home in NBA playoffs right now. What is happening? This is gonna be a good playoff season :)

One of my good friends Shawn made a scavenger hunt for people in our class as a goodbye gift and it’s a lot of fun. He hid clues all over campus, and we have to solve it before Thursday. I’m on my 5th clue…. don’t even need to look for distractions during exam time :)

Game of Thrones was perf once again.

My friend and I split 38 wings after going to the gym. This is a good Sunday.

I pulled my lower back muscle today while playing ball and it hurt soo bad :(. Not sure what to do besides rest it…

I’m upset at the Raps. Demar was a no factor this game. Poor shooting, poor D. 


I made a thing out of a joke Partytilfajr once made.