Fell asleep at 9 yesterday, woke up at 4. Been bed till 6:30. Read Fajr. I think it’s time to make some breakfast. Wow, up so early on Labor day weekend….

I messed up shaving my beard properly for a nice stubble, and I was pretty conscious of it while we went out on lunch. On the other hand, my roommate bought me a shirt that says “Trust me, I have a beard”. Gonna wear it to work on Tuesday.

Bought a couch! Dang son, this is reaaaaal. 

Hello Tumblr! I’ve moved into my new home in Bellevue, WA, doing grown up shit.

Travelled inside a calendar yesterday. #nofilter (at Lake Louise)

Awkward samosa eating eid selfie with my pops and bro. Yeyeye (at Markham Event Centre)

Latergram.. That time we prayed taraweeh in a nearby garage because our musallah wasn’t big enough.. 😊 (at Masjid Darul Iman)

#supportgaza #freepalestine (at Queen’s Park (Toronto))

I think I’m gonna get off Tumblr for Ramadan. Not feeling the Ramadan vibe here tbh (too many kids talking about petty things, and putting emphasis on unimportant things), I don’t think I’m benefitting from it too much. I’ll be back by the end of the month iA :).